New Community Resource Hub

Revitalising Bexhill Sidley - officially among the ten per cent most socially deprived areas in England*

Sidley main street

Pelham Trust is acting to buck the increasing trend of social deprivation and cuts in public services by turning a local crime black spot into a community hot spot!

The former Pelham Hotel & Pub, a once grand old Edwardian hotel, closed in 2009 having gained the unenviable reputation of a house of ill-repute and source of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour. It fell headlong into disrepair and became quite an eyesore, a demoralising sign to people of hard times.

Pelham Trust intends to use the property to bring hope, as well as practical support and encouragement to the local community.

Now renamed "The Pelham," the building is being lovingly restored and reinvented as a community hub and resource centre to meet the priority needs of the Sidley area and fill gaps in existing services.

It will also be a safe haven for people to relax in and enjoy themselves and that they can use for their community events.

Trustee Mike Norcock, many years head teacher of a school in Sidley, now retired, says:

"We are determined to make The Pelham into a beacon of change, a landmark of hope, that shows that shows we really can reverse decay and make something wonderful, despite the economic environment.

"People will be able to walk into a welcoming, comfortable and hospitable place that has time for them.

"We are committed to unlocking opportunities for enterprise and for employment, to encourage young people, the elderly and everyone in between to know that they are precious and valued.

"We will work with community groups, local government and agencies to run a range of much needed services.

"Pelham Trust is particularly excited about forming partnerships with local churches so they can launch their own initiatives from a well resourced centre that shows God's love in action.

"This requires effort and resources - but we could never have got this far without miracles, and we're expecting more!"

"in the community, for the community"


*Government figures